Weekly Video Roundup – 01/09/2012

Shall we play a game of ping?

Did you think the last couple of weeks were a little sparse? Who the hell are you to judge me?! Anyway let me make it up to you with a smorgasbord of videos from the last week. There is something for everyone here, from iOS to dub step and everything in between (the halfway point is robots).

You’ll find this week’s selection after the jump.

Super Time Force (XBLA) – Official amazing game of awesome also an action platformer

Lifeless Planet (PC, Mac) – 3rd person exploration/adventure game

Luftrauser (PC, Mac)

Harold (PC) – Foot racing themed puzzle game

Environmental Station Alpha (PC) – Metroidvania style 2d platformer

LocoCycle (XBLA) – Kung-Fu Motorcycle!

The Stanley Parable HD Remix (PC, Mac) – Just watch and laugh

RawBots (PC) – Robot building and fighting

Middle Manger of Justice (iOS) – Doublefine’s superhero management game

Otherland (PC) – WubWubMMORPG

Fracture Souls (3DS) – Dual screen platformer/action

Africa 3D (3DS) – Murder simulator

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