Episode 17 – A Modest Dilemma

Let's eat a baby

Ben has a dilemma for us to solve in this episode. Also some interesting things are discussed such as Guild Wars 2, PAX Australia, The Stanley Parable, various medical problems and Total Annihilation.

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Show notes after the break.

Oldie of the Week
Total Annihilation

Big News
PAX Australia announced

News Attack
The Secret World only sells 200,000 copies
Microsoft hires ex-OnLive employees
REDKit mod tools coming for Witcher 2
Nuke Town and Zombies? Black Ops 2 gets zombies AND Nuke Town
Skyrim’s new DLC Hearthfire adds The Sims into The Elder Scrolls
Project Hell (from the makers of Dead Island)
Minecraft sells 2.6 million copies on XBLA
Over an hour of XCom gameplay footage
State of Decay includes farming resource management
Rumour Crash Bandicoot for Playstation All Stars
The Binding of Issac hitting more platforms
Sony has a confusing release of PS1 games on Vita
SpaceChem announces new game – Cards, Civil War and Robot
New Metal Gear: MGS: Ground Zeros MGS: Social Ops
Rumour: NBA Live 13 will be digital only for $20
Issues with Kickstarter pledges
Steam Greenlight is Live then 9/11 simulator put up then pulled
Dementium 2 makes the leap from Nintendo DS to PC
Iranian players blocked from World of Warcraft
Hawken to support Oculus Rift at launch
Torchlight 2 finally has date set for September 20
PES 2013 second demo released
New madden released and sells 900,000 on the first day
Black ops 2 care package pack sold out eb Australia
Halo 4 to get Red vs Blue inspired Grifball mode

Battle for Presidency
Scope Creep Hack-venture
Two Brothers
Jungle Adventure

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