Weekly Video Roundup – September 8 2012

Long live the new videos

Thrills and spills this week from the brilliance of Rayman to the undeniable existence of Double Dragon: Neon.  Videos after the jump!

Rayman Jungle Run (iOS, Android) – It’s god damn RAYMAN!

Don’t Starve! (PC) – Edward Gorey style survival horror game

Love (PC) – World building MMO FREE and awesome

NiGHTS into Dreams (XBLA, PSN, PC) – Re-release of the Saturn Classic

Chasing Aurora (Wii-U) – 2d origami birds!

CYPHER (PC, Mac) – Cyberpunk Text Adventure

Warface (PC) – Free2Play Multiplayer Military FPS

InFlux (PC) – Rolling balls!

Diaspora (PC, Mac, Linux) – Battlestar Galactica Space Combat

Trials Evolution Gold (PC) – Digital Crack

Rising Sorm (PC) – Red Orchestra 2 Explansion

Double Dragon: Neon (XBLA. PSN) – It’s Double Dragon except not as good

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