Episode 18 – Beneath a Greenlit Sky 2

Let's get BASS2!

This week the boys discuss kickstarting Beneath a Steel Sky 2, and other equally important issues, like how people can kickstart Beneath a Steel Sky 2. James totally forgets who Chris Taylor is, Paul enjoys extreme wagon simulations, and Ben gives the latest on his Black Op’s 2 dilemma! Also, hang around to hear about how you can kick start Beneath a Steel Sky 2!

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Show notes after the break.

News that matters:
Broken Sword Kickstarter adds Beneath a Steel Sky 2 as a Stretch Goal
Steam Greenlight

McPixel partners with Pirate Bay to advertise, give away and sell his game
EA President proud to have not greenlit any single player only games (Clarification)

Oldie of the Week:
Captain Comic

News Attack:
Broken Sword Kickstarter adds Beneath a Steel Sky 2 as a Stretch Goal
Assassin’s Creed Utopia announced
Call of Juarez Gunslinger announced for PC/XBLA/PSN
Phoenix Wright 5 in 3D stays true to 2D origins
Quadrilateral Cowboy descibed as Programmer HeroInterview
New Dungeons and Dragons MMO  – Neverwinter Nights – to support user created content
Shadowrun concept released, and looks gorgeous
Natural Selection 2 gifts free copies to earler preorders
Ubisoft scaling back PC DRMExcellent interview
Fan made Battlestar Galactica game Diaspora released
ICO, Shadow of the Collosus and God of War HD Collections get Vita remote play functionality
Half Minute Hero coming to Steam
PS Vita Hacked
Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Beta is live
Rayman Jungle Run announced for mobile
Trials returns to the PC
10 minutes of Capcom’s new Remember Me
Wikipad gaming tablet coms with a US$500 price tag
Gamestop commits to sellings OUYA
Bioshock Infinite for Wii-U development begins after 360/PS3 releases
Developer of Pitfall reacts poorly to failed kickstarter
PES 2013 gets release date, and beats Fifa by a week
Madden sells 1.65 million in its first week, while zero Paul’s sold over the same period
Dogfight 1942 now available Xbox live arcade

Broken Sword Kickstarter adds Beneath a Steel Sky 2 as a Stretch Goal
Chris Taylor’s Arakion

One thought on “Episode 18 – Beneath a Greenlit Sky 2

  1. […] couple of weeks back, I spoke about the classic PC platformer “Captain Comic” on Eight and a Half Bit. Captain Comic is a game from 1988, and was one of my favourite games growing up. It’s a […]

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