Episode 24 – The Quadrangle of power

Manly Men

With the assistance of show friend Alex the power of four will bring you all the pointless gaming chat you could possibly want. If you want more just listen to it twice.  Check out all these topics I typed out for the keywords! X-com, The Unfinished Swan, Gorogoa, Playstationg all stars, Of Orcs and Men, WoW, The Walking Dead, Malevolence, PSN, Gods, Black Mesa, Deadly Premonition, DayZ, Nintendo, Microsoft, Halo 4, Black ops 2, Disgea, Super Meat Boy, Prey 2, TF2, Road Rash, GOG, Bioforge, iOS, Kickstarter, Steam, Shaker, The Goon, Strike Suit Zero, Star Citizen!  How can we fit all that into one show?  You tell me.

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Show notes after the break

Amazing playthrough of final boss

Sony adds ‘Adult’ Category
Sony boss personally has 3 regional PSN accounts but sees one global store as a bad idea
New PSN delayed for most major regions
Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut coming!
DayZ Copypastas LoL TOS
EA gives away thousands of free games by mistake
Ancel on Wii-U Latency
Disgea D2 announced
Play Halo 4 early? Get premabanned (Cause let’s face it you’re a pirate)Suspension
Team Meat announces new game
Bioware fails at Free2Play
Prey 2 still not cancelled
Voice Chat? Who needs it! Nintendo still doesn’t get the internet
TF2 to punish quitters in PvE
Criterion might be making a new Road Rash game (Last paragraph)
GOG adds support for Mac
Nonsense reason for iphone app rejection
Monaco getting PC and XBLA release
Even more Greenlit games
Greenlight adds non gaming software and ‘concepts?’
Origin releases crowd funded games at no charge
Shaker Kickstarter cancelled
Outernauts removing the need to annoy friends
Star Citizen mentions Dark Souls influence. Eight and a Half Bit loses its shit

The Goon
Strike Suit Zero
Myth IV

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