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Retrospective: Road Rash


When I was a kid, years before Electronic Arts became the obscenely greedy, morally bankrupt parody of cartoonish supervillainy that they are today (“Bah! He was a rank amateur compared to… Dr. Colossus!”), to me they were a company synonymous with interesting and fantastic games due to the titles developed and / or published by EA that I owned for my Sega Mega Drive: The Immortal, Populous, John Madden American Football, Desert Strike, etc. (Also, it was easy to recognise EA Mega Drive games by the oversized boxes and oversized, yellow-chipped cartridges).

One such EA title I owned and became a huge fan of was motorcycle racing / combat game Road Rash, which debuted on the Mega Drive in 1991. The game would later receive ports to numerous other systems and would also turn out to be just the first title in a series that continued throughout the 1990s.

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Episode 24 – The Quadrangle of power

Manly Men

With the assistance of show friend Alex the power of four will bring you all the pointless gaming chat you could possibly want. If you want more just listen to it twice.  Check out all these topics I typed out for the keywords! X-com, The Unfinished Swan, Gorogoa, Playstationg all stars, Of Orcs and Men, WoW, The Walking Dead, Malevolence, PSN, Gods, Black Mesa, Deadly Premonition, DayZ, Nintendo, Microsoft, Halo 4, Black ops 2, Disgea, Super Meat Boy, Prey 2, TF2, Road Rash, GOG, Bioforge, iOS, Kickstarter, Steam, Shaker, The Goon, Strike Suit Zero, Star Citizen!  How can we fit all that into one show?  You tell me.

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