Episode 45 – Double Stuffed Goodness

Filled to the brim

Put on your pants as we’ve got company! Developer Liam Hill joins us for a chat about the week’s goings on. From the future of AAA development to the future of Saints Row’s T&A, hoes and foes, Kickstarters that have a really excited and the scariest game we’ve seen all month. Ben also talks about cookies.

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Show notes after the jump.

First looks:
Star Wars: First Assault
The Call of Juarez – Gunslinger
Frozen Endzone
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Saints Row 4

Kojima’s idea for Pilot Episodes
Bros Before Hoes/Foes
Finally! Microtransactions for BLOPS2
The confusing tale of Piston
Gamejam for cats
Happy Wars has 2 million users
OUYA missing some features at launch
Australian women of the year.. in the UK
Maxis insider says SimCity doesn’t need to be online
SimCity has no intention of going offline
Modder takes SimCity offline
Surgeon Simulator getting brain surgery
Metal Gear Rising DLC out now for PS3
Lone Survivor coming to PS3 and Vita. Includes new content
Seven Studios are working on AC4
Minecraft getting a retail release on 360
Kickstart new Road Rash?
The Neverhood gets a sequel
Vita sales still going strong
Dishonored DLC
Samsung Controller turns Galaxy S4 into a Console/Handheld
Ron Gilbert leaves Double Fine
BF4 reveal on March 26, Modern Warfare 4 on March 21?
Wii-U price slashed across the UK
Nintendo ordered to pay 30 million for patent infringement
RE6 L4D2 crossover
Phoenix Rising is a Vita game?

Crowd Sourcing:
Crayon Chronicles
Shackleton Crater
Shovel Knight
Mage’s initiation

Eight and a half toppings

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