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Overlooked Gem – Siren: Blood Curse


Horror is a genre that has existed within the videogame medium for the majority of its history and as a fan of horror games myself, it’s been good to see the recent high-profile resurgence of the genre in these still fairly early days of the latest console generation, as found in titles such as The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation. (Although publishers Bethesda and Sega should be ashamed of their greed in shoehorning season passes into these single-player, narrative-focused titles).

This resurgence has been good to see because although horror was certainly never a dead genre on seventh-generation consoles as some people have ignorantly and hyperbolically claimed, its presence did diminish during this generation. This was largely thanks to a number of publishers suddenly deciding that no one wanted to play horror games anymore, even though there was no real evidence to suggest that this was the case. For example, Resident Evil 4 was one of the most acclaimed games of the previous console generation while later on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the original Dead Space would expertly carry the survival horror torch, being both a critical and commercial success.

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A Journey Through Demon’s Souls at SL1 – Part 2


* Note: Spoilers ahead regarding some of the characters, locations, enemies, and events of Demon’s Souls.

* Part 1 of this 2-part article can be found here.


When last we left our valiant hero Lord Thrusticus, he was being murdered on a regular basis in my Soul Level 1 playthrough of Demon’s Souls. There must have been some kind of head injury involved at some point as I decided that it was a good idea to continue spending hour after hour throwing myself at the numerous harsh and deadly obstacles in my way, becoming frustrated and dying over and over again as I made progress at a pace that was often slow and gruelling. Videogames are fun, kids!

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I Would Walk 500 Miles: In Praise of Journey


In these days of retailer-specific pre-order DLC, creatively devoid annual sequels, not-so-micro microtransactions in full-priced games, and the general greed and soullessness exhibited by many videogame developers and publishers, sometimes it can be easy to forget just how inventive, creative and artistically powerful the videogame medium can be. But look beyond the crass greed and you’ll find countless passionate, hard-working developers and publishers creating imaginative and brilliant games which act as reminders of the potential of videogames as an artistic medium. Journey is such a game.

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Bullets Over Brazil: In Praise of Max Payne 3


“Time moves forward…” says the titular hero of Max Payne 3 at one point during the game, “and nothing changes.”

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as evidenced by the action-packed third-person shooter Max Payne 3, which, after two previous games in the series, once again drops embattled, world-weary, former NYPD detective and DEA agent Max Payne into a whirlwind of bullets, betrayal and painkillers. Welcome back, Max.

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Episode 95 – Nukem? I Hardly Knew ‘Em!

He's our hero!

What is going on with 3DRealms? I feel like I’m going crazy here! Paul gets chilled out with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Ben is Banished and James plays some more MMOs or something (more ESO and FFIVX).  Throw in some news attack and crowd funding and some epic disappointment in the general reaction to Lords of Shadow 2 and you’ve got a podcast. This one!

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: Tulpa
James: Gunscape
Paul: Toby’s Island

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Show notes after the jump.

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The Life Of An Outlaw In The Old West Of Red Dead Redemption


I love westerns.

    Whether gravitating towards realism or a more romantic, mythical take on the realities of the time, the western is a genre of powerful imagery and archetypes, from the vast, sweeping vistas of untamed landscape to the mysterious and deadly gunslinger. It’s a genre that has permeated popular culture over the past century, as seen in the western novels of authors such as J. T. Edson and Zane Grey; television shows such as Deadwood; video games such as Gun (the less said about Custer’s Revenge, the better); the modern-day western comic series Preacher; and of course the countless brilliant movies: High Noon, The Man From Laramie, The Shootist, A Fistful of Dollars, Unforgiven, etc.

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Top 5 – PS3 Exclusives

This text is flavoured... uninspired

Have you heard of the Playstation 3? It’s a game playing device! There are even some game that can only be played on this particular type of game station. Come in and join our three intrepid adventurers as we discuss our top 5 games that fall under that previously mentioned category of games that can only be played on the Playstation 3. I mean what am I going to write here really? The entire concept of the episode is summed up in the title. This is pretty much pointless and a bit hard really. Anyone ever read this episode text? I don’t and I write it. I might go get some breakfast. Don’t get too excited it’s just cereal.

Next Week: Top 5 Good Games with Bad Ideas

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Episode 88 – Videogame Abbey

Presenting Master Wank

It’s time for another scandalous episode of Eight and a half bit. From the Kaiju inspired monsters of Evolve to the emotional artiness of Continue?9876543210 James, Paul and a suspiciously quiet Ben handle the daily chores of running the most Videogame Abbey in town.

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Show notes after the jump.

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