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The Life Of An Outlaw In The Old West Of Red Dead Redemption


I love westerns.

    Whether gravitating towards realism or a more romantic, mythical take on the realities of the time, the western is a genre of powerful imagery and archetypes, from the vast, sweeping vistas of untamed landscape to the mysterious and deadly gunslinger. It’s a genre that has permeated popular culture over the past century, as seen in the western novels of authors such as J. T. Edson and Zane Grey; television shows such as Deadwood; video games such as Gun (the less said about Custer’s Revenge, the better); the modern-day western comic series Preacher; and of course the countless brilliant movies: High Noon, The Man From Laramie, The Shootist, A Fistful of Dollars, Unforgiven, etc.

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