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A Journey Through Demon’s Souls At SL1 – Part 1


* Note: Spoilers ahead regarding some of the characters, locations, enemies, and events of Demon’s Souls.


The difficulty of the games in From Software’s Souls series is often exaggerated, with too great an emphasis placed on it by some of the lazier videogame “journalists” and others who can’t be bothered to acknowledge the numerous other facets besides difficulty that make up these games.

Because the fact is that Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls – not so much the sometimes cheap and lazy Dark Souls II, in all honesty – are challenging, sure, but on the whole they’re also fair. If you’re patient, if you concentrate, if you learn, it’s possible to overcome any obstacle these games can throw at you and emerge triumphant.

That’s what I told myself through gritted teeth as my character took a pickaxe to the face and died – again – while I attempted a Soul Level 1 playthrough of Demon’s Souls, anyway.

But let’s rewind a little.

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Top 5 – PS3 Exclusives

This text is flavoured... uninspired

Have you heard of the Playstation 3? It’s a game playing device! There are even some game that can only be played on this particular type of game station. Come in and join our three intrepid adventurers as we discuss our top 5 games that fall under that previously mentioned category of games that can only be played on the Playstation 3. I mean what am I going to write here really? The entire concept of the episode is summed up in the title. This is pretty much pointless and a bit hard really. Anyone ever read this episode text? I don’t and I write it. I might go get some breakfast. Don’t get too excited it’s just cereal.

Next Week: Top 5 Good Games with Bad Ideas

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13 Post-Millennium Horror Games You Should Play – Part 1


The video game medium has evolved and advanced at great speed over the past few decades – playing something like Dark Souls, The Last of Us, or Grand Theft Auto 5 would have been the stuff of a madman’s dreams just twenty years ago.

    The advancement of not only technology but also creative visions as to what can be achieved with the medium has affected all genres, horror included. We’ve come a hell of a long way since the days of Friday the 13th on the Commodore 64 and Ghost House on the Sega Master System, with developers becoming able to create horror games that can genuinely unsettle, disturb, frighten, or simply effectively jump-scare the player via the use of intelligent writing, clever game design and gameplay mechanics, and the increased immersion that can come with improved visuals and audio.

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