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Retrospective: Road Rash


When I was a kid, years before Electronic Arts became the obscenely greedy, morally bankrupt parody of cartoonish supervillainy that they are today (“Bah! He was a rank amateur compared to… Dr. Colossus!”), to me they were a company synonymous with interesting and fantastic games due to the titles developed and / or published by EA that I owned for my Sega Mega Drive: The Immortal, Populous, John Madden American Football, Desert Strike, etc. (Also, it was easy to recognise EA Mega Drive games by the oversized boxes and oversized, yellow-chipped cartridges).

One such EA title I owned and became a huge fan of was motorcycle racing / combat game Road Rash, which debuted on the Mega Drive in 1991. The game would later receive ports to numerous other systems and would also turn out to be just the first title in a series that continued throughout the 1990s.

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5 Reasons to Return to Bioshock

BioshockBioshock Infinite is almost upon us, bringing with it the new playground of Columbia. All this hype over a new Bioshock game got me thinking back to where it all began. I remember the trailers for Bioshock giving me goose bumps and getting all hyped up about the Big Daddies. This naturally led me back to picking up the game again (I sold it a while back) and I’m so, so glad I did. So here are 5 stand out reasons to dig out Bioshock again in preparation for the release of Infinite.
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