Episode 26 – Ermahgerd Erssersins Creeeed

In this episode here the boys discuss, topics, subjects and themes. Be marvelled by their tone and varied articulation while falling in love with some of the things they say, while truth be told hating other ideas they express.

Also our final entry (for now) into our Black Mesa Gameclub.  Next game: Dreamweb (Free from ScummVM)

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Show notes after the break.

A Slower Speed of Light

Populous 2 – The Trials of Olympian Gods

Nintendo details online purchase rebate scehem
Console digital distribution costing for indies
Modder remaking decent with unreal engine
X-Com considered both financial and critical success by Take 2 (2 DLC coming in future)
Halo 4 Hilariously Sells Out
PS3 released in China
A pixeljunk game for PC
WiiU Browser won’t support flash
Sexist remarks while playing Halo 4 multiplayer can earn you a lifetime ban
Wolf3d Movie, Maybe
Handheld no one cares about is delayed
Ben’s favourite upcoming game gets a release date
Longest Journey series gets a new installment
DMC gets four new hard modes
Black ops leaks in slovakia
PSVita sets a new low for sales in Japan

Sir, You Are Being Hunted
The Ship: Full Steam Ahead
Kung Fu Superstar




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