Episode 30 – A World of Infinite Possibility

This is what fun is

Show post? Oh yeah you better believe it listeners. Have to seen that tag cloud?  You like that don’t you? Planetside 2, some other games, banter, talk, chat.  We know what you like and we deliver it hot and steaming to your ears.

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Show notes After the break.

Skrillex Quest
The Cave Trailer

Captain Comic 2 – Fractured Reality

Dishonoured exceeds sales expectations
Garry’s Mod adding Kinect support
Insane lives again
Details for Bungie’s new game leak
Wii Mini revealed
Timesplitters fan Crysis-mod given the official ok
Humble THQ bundle (Follow up)
Steam hits 6 million concurrent users
TF2 and Binding of Isaac mashup
Major Nintendo restructure
Hotline Miami DLC becomes full blown sequel
Spiderman 2 devs making a cool thing
Sega removing Shining Force videos from youtube and are total dicks
Shadow Warrior coming it iOS
Potential design for new dual shock

Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2
Dino Racing
Forsaken Fortress
Coming out on top
War for the Overworld

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