Episode 37 – The Speculation Nation

What will be discussed?

What will Sony and Microsoft be doing this coming generation?  Well we’ve got hearsay you could want on the topic. Also some exciting and controversial kickstarters along with all the regular high quality rubbish you’ve come to expect from the team.

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Show notes After the break.

Killer is Dead revealed
Disney Infinity is going after Skylanders
ZombiU is actually a sequel/reimagining of Ubisoft’s first game (Video)
PS4 to ditch dualshock (rumour)
NEXTBOX motion control kits circulating (rumour)
PS4 and NEXTBOX to be $400 (and run on off-the-shelf PC components) (rumour)
More next gen talk (rumour)
And with that Sonic and All Stars Racing becomes a must buy
NRA release murder training simulator for 4 year olds (now 12+)
New DOTA2 game mode ‘Least Played’
Valve looking at resubmitting L4D2 in Aus
ARMA Devs released on bail
Diablo 3 1.0.7 Patch coming with PvP
Vote for next Oddworld game
Halo 2’s PC servers to be shutdown
Legend of Grimrock passes 600,000 slaes

Wildman (plus controversy!)
Freedom Planet
The 90’s Arcade Racer

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