10 Great Snacks for An All Night Gaming Session


We’ve all been there, a new game has been released and you just can’t stop playing it. Your friends have turned up with an unexplainable desire to play Mario Kart at 1am or maybe you just don’t like sleeping, so you play games all night instead? Wait, everyone likes sleeping…Nevertheless, you’re going to need fuel to face the nocturnal gaming session ahead so here’s a list of some of the best munchies to keep your tummy happy until dawn.

1. Double Stuffed Oreos


Double the stuffing, double the fun. These Oreos pack more of that delicious and creamy center we all know and love. Easily eaten with one hand and leave little residue on you hands, they are ideal for a casual gaming session and ludicrously yummy.

2. Nachos


Grab yourself some cheap corn chip, sprinkle a ton of cheese on top and hey presto you’ve got some mighty fine nachos. Options to add guacamole, refried beans and jalapeños are available but will increase preparation time, thus decreasing gaming time. Decisions. Will often leave unfriendly greasy residue but can be shared easily.

3. Gamer Food

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.03.35

Nuts that are made with gamers specifically in mind, by that they mean caffeinated. Yep, there are nut out there laced with luscious energy giving caffeine. It gets better though as you don’t have to go to the store to by these little gems as they’re bought online and delivered to your house. Now that you never have to leave home again, back to the TV! A full rage of flavors can be found here.

4. Mountain Dew


With great snacks comes a great thirst so power up with one of many Mountain Dew beverages, classically renowned as fuel for geeky gamers on a killing spree. Some are energy boosting whilst others are sugar conscious. Some, such as Game Fuel are even specifically targeted at games. Drink up son.

5. Hummus and Pitta Bread


For the more health conscious gamer (?) comes this easy, one hand dip made from blitzed chickpeas. Get your whole meal pitta bread, tear that carbohydrate a new one and drown it in the brown goodness. High in fibre so can cause unwanted lavatory pit stops but allows you to game without fear of diabetes.

6. Big Bowl of Fries

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.06.06

Prepare for gaming with a massive back of frozen fries, cook them all and lump them in a big ass bowl. Arrange condiments such as ketchup and BBQ sauce in ramekins and go to town with the best side order known to mankind. Another possible greasy snack that can be eaten one handed or even fed to you by an overly supportive wingman?

7. Microwave or Take-out Pizza


Either grab yourself some mini microwave Italian delicacies or grab your nearest telecommunication device and ring one in. Get anything with meat on it and dig in like a true carnivore. Easily prepared in minutes or brought to your front door, can be eaten one handed and can cause minimal residue to hands when handled by skilled professionals. Facial residue is an unfortunate guarantee however, you can choose to pause and wipe or spend the evening looking like the Joker.


popcorn buckets 001

Most households have some of this hidden away somewhere and if not you can pick up microwaveable bags almost anywhere that sells food. A few seconds under attack from radiation and you’ve got yourself a big shareable bowl of popcorn. Comes in a multitude of flavors, from sweet to cheesy and is usually pretty cheap. Easily eaten with one hand but will require drinks on standby, especially with the salt or cheese flavors. (Refer back to #4 for beverages)

9. Gummy Bears


Chewy goodness that comes in a huge variety of flavors and bags bigger than your head. Throw a load of these in a bowel and nom nom away. Can be gathered on their own or bought in mix bags such as Haribo to get a more cosmopolitan gummy experience. Next to no residue and satisfying for a much longer period of time compared to other snacks, especially if you suck rather than chew.

10. Gamer Grub

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.04.09

Last but not least, some ideal grub for hardcore and new gamers up at the ungodly hours of the morning. Gamer Grub is specifically designed foods that deliver essential vitamins and neurotransmitters that help to maintain your gaming edge even in the twilight zone. They come packaged in bags designed with “Tear and Tip” in mind, a method of consumption many gamers have adopted. This allows for minimal interruption to your gaming pleasure but maximum snack enjoyment. Check out all their grub in a range of delectable flavors here.

Any foods you feel are particularly brilliant at helping you game through the night?

Please share them below and do your part for making sure no gamer ever goes hungry again.


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