Episode 47 – The most static episode


Gliding dogs! A little game called Bioshock: Infinite comes out. Air whales and Gliding Dogs! Battlefield 4 is revealed! Airships fighting gliding dogs! Metal Gear Solid 5 is announced but after we recorded the episode so we don’t mention it. Paul does discus gliding dogs however.

Show notes After the jump.

The dog gliding wonder of Windforge

First Looks
Pixeljunk Inc
God Factory
Tiny Brains
Infinite Crisis
Battlefield 4
Plants Vs Zombies Adventures
Sully: A very Serious RPG
Legend of Grimrock 2

Game Watch
Assassin’s Creed 4 gameplay
Larry Reboot

There is only room for 10 Triple A games a year
Square Enix’s Many FailuresSquare Enix boss quits
Sony’s New Tune and why they’ll win and Sony is open to paid alphas
Magicka: Wizard Wars announced
Civ V gets X-COM squad
Minecraft getting books
Star Wars: The Old Republic mini-expansion gets a date – April 14th
Bioware shuts down SW:ToR Australian Servers
GameStick console will support XBMC
WiiU Menu load time speed increase demonstrated
Facebook partners with Unity
Phantasy star  online 2 for vita delayed for america
Jak and Daxter collection might be coming
Gemini Rue coming to iOS 11th April

Crowd Sourcing
The Big Blue
Skylands of Darmanis


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