Episode 49 – We Talk about Dark Souls II in this Episode

Dim Souls

In this episode we talk about Dark Souls II.

Oh more? Also Guacamelee, the Flashback reboot, ukulele playing dinosaurs, Russian hackers and the Batman fall victim to our “Eight and a Half Banter”™.

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Show notes after the jump.


Dark Souls II


Ball Point Universe


Strike Vector

Batman: Arkham Origins

Jurassic Heart

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures


The FPS Megaman that never was

EA is the worst company in America

Turns out Starcraft: Ghost was never “cancelled”

No one knows who owns NOLF

Ryse to be a major franchise for the xbox 720

Shadow Run to be released on Steam

Nintendo shutting down some wii channels

Square-Enix selling language support as DLC

Diablo 3 Game Director says Real Money Auction House hurt the game

Russian hackers get early release of Farcry 3: Blood Dragon

Dark Souls sold over two million

Square Enix thought it could sell 7 million copies of Tomb Raider in the first month

Adam Orth leaves Microsoft

Crowd sourcing

Risk of Rain

Vivian Clark

Road Redemption


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