Episode 51 – Criminal Minorminds

We're hungry for crime

Monaco has taught us much about the criminal lifestyle and now we are ready to take our skills one step further.  Stealing Nintendo and 2K games from this year’s E3, cloning Lutrausers and downright sacrificing Homeworld to Gearbox. These are but a few of our crimes and we’ve only been at it for a day.

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Show notes after the jump.


Concerned Joe

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Planetary Annihilation

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot



The Just Case 2 multiplayer mod continues to AMAZE

Game Clones

No Major Nintendo Conference at E3

2K Games will not have an E3 booth

At least Nintendo knows what it has done wrong

Iwata now CEO of NOA

Gearbox bought Homeworld

Nordic Games bought everything else from THQ

New Xbox reveal on May 21

EA closing Partners label

Monaco Delayed for XBLA at 11th hour

Stealth Bastard is now Stealth Inc

Molyneux’s curious experiment adds new DLC

There is no place for Multiplayer in The Witcher 3

Ratchet and Clank film in production

Defense Grid 2 funded by secret investor

The Binding of Isaac sold over 2 million!

Next Scribblenauts to focus on DC superheroes

Xcom re-revealed as The Bureau: Xcom declassified

Some UK Retail steam codes of Dead Island Riptide are actually for Dark Souls

Pizza Hut finally on 360


Crowd sourcing


Jagged Alliance: Flashback

Theme Park Studio

Welcome to Boon Hill

Dog Sled Saga

Pick of the week: A.N.N.E (Three way tie)


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One thought on “Episode 51 – Criminal Minorminds

  1. Thanks for mentioning Boon Hill in the crowd sourcing section. I’d say you should write a whole article about it, but I made the project, I’m a bit biased.

    Do it anyways.

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