Learning to Play StarCraft 2 – Placement #4

James jumps into his 4th (not 3rd) cheese and rage filled placement match in a Protoss vs Protoss matchup.

Any tips or feedback? Post them below.


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2 thoughts on “Learning to Play StarCraft 2 – Placement #4

  1. Pyjamallama says:

    Main things I can think of to help you is –

    1 -Stop using F2 to move units – create unit groups and use the 1 to 0 keys.

    2 – Build some cannons a bit earlier to defend the main base or at least a few to defend your base’s entrance.

    • James Bowling says:

      Yep, you’re totally right about F2 – I need to stop using it. I should be doing more than one attack at once, and should put more units on the xalnaga towers.

      I should probably upgrade earlier too, I always end up with too much gas in the bank. I should be spending that on things.

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