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Episode 84 – Robo-Geisha on a flying piece of cheese

We're all friends here

Flying on a piece of cheese
Holding it between your knees
Sailing through the Milky Way
For extra content you will pay

James finds out if EA screwed up Dungeon Keeper, Ben finds life very difficult and Paul tries to find his own heart in Doki Doki universe.  The VG ex-A’s held a few surprises this week and the let’s players are dealing with bullshit again.  All this and more in your weekly podcast audio listening to talking style thing.

Crowd funding picks
Ben: The Golem of Prague, Paul and James: Below Kryll

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Learning to Play StarCraft 2 – Placement #4

James jumps into his 4th (not 3rd) cheese and rage filled placement match in a Protoss vs Protoss matchup.

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