Weekly Video Roundup 24th of May 2013

I wish I were a mulligrubHere’s a couple of videos for you to watch!

Videos after the jump.

Door Kickers by Kill House Games (PC)

Realistic door kicking simulator with some kind of Real Time squad based tactical gameplay as well. But mostly it’s about doors and their being kicked.

Shelter by Might and Delight (PC, Mac)

Badger, badger, badger, badger, simu-lator! I must protect my babies!  Badger action by the developer behind the excellent Pid.

Demon Chic by Demon Cheeks Productions (iOS)

Flipper took a pancake class from hip-hop battery farms.

Run That Town by The Australian Bureau of Statistics (iOS)

Here we are again. You’ve seen the games now pit them against each other in a cage match to the death!

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