Episode 55 – The Elephant in the Room (It’s the Xbox One)

Well get around to it

It’s finally here with all the game talk you’ve been waiting for! Xbox One A game made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a chemical spill simulator, Paul catches up with a game from 2 years ago, the winners of the Lundum Dare and maybe something else! It’s obviously the Xbox One. Who knows what it will be?

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Show notes after the jump.

Run That Town
Chemical Spillage Simulation
Crowd Farter (Game and Wario)
Lundum Dare Winners!
Destiny may come to PC
Microsoft announces a new media center device under the xbox label
PS4 is coming to Europe this year
Unity 3D gives Android and iOS support to Indies for free
Wii-U sales get a sudden surge
Joe Danger 1 and 2 coming to PC also Mortal Kombat
Microsoft to take a cut out of used games sales
Indies on the Xbone? What indies?
NFL Partnership cost $400,000,000
MS trolls Kinect users
Gamespot stock drops in wake of Xbone reveal
Crowd Funding:
God Factor: Wingmen
Kiddy vs Universum
Sinking Simulator
Heavy Gear Assault
The Few
Deus Ex Machina 2
PIck of the week: James: God factor, Ben and Paul: Deus Ex Machina 2
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