Episode 60 – Welcome to the Ban Down Under

Where women may do nice things and men shall also do nice things.

Ben takes the lead!  Seriously!  Saints Row and State of Decay censorship, sad clowns, sex lines, walking around doing things games!  Can you dig all there is to be dug?

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Show notes after the jump.

Saints Row IV ban
State of Decay
Removing patch fees?
Steam Trading Cards go live
Naughty Dog to remove sexy phone number easter egg
Hints for Crackdown (for Ben)
Valve lets content creators share profits
Ouya sells out in major retailers in less than a day
Sony to continue to support PS3
Unity3D to support all Microsoft products
Xbox One Kinect won’t work on PC
Sony update bricks a bunch of PS3s
Plants vs Zombies 2 Delayed
Steam Engine to add Oculus Rift support
Black ops 2 DLC has “summit” map recreated as “uplink,” new zombies campaign!
Todd Hollenshead leaves id
Google developing android based game console
Prince of Persia News coming
Crowd Sourcin’:
Taxi Journey
Satellite Reign
Odallus: The Dark Call
Paul: Odallus: The Dark Call
James: Dropsy
Ben: Taxi Journey
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