Episode 66 – The Wonderful 10Fun

Presented by Coke Zero

Is the Wonderful 101 as wonderful as its name indicates? How steamy is Steam World? Are the brothers in Brothers: A tale of Two Sons full of brotherly love? How refreshing is the extreme taste of Coke Zero? We answer almost one of these questions.

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Crowd Funding Picks
Paul: Paranautical Activity
James: Project Bliss
Ben: Dwarven Delve

Show notes after the jump.

Game looks
Civilization MMO
Dead Island Epidemic
Secrets of Rætikon
PlayStation All-Stars Island
SEGA is fucking AMERICAN?!
Nintendo Direct
Carmack joins Oculus Rift Team
Payday 2 Profitable prior to launch
Xbox Gold required for game recording and video streaming on XBone
PS+ not required for game recording and video streaming on PS4
Amazon working on Android console
Russian distributor of CoH2 pulls game
Below is only XBone timed exclusive
Left 4 Dead 3 is happening
1 Million dollar edition of Saints Row 4
Crowd Funding
Eyes Open
Paranautical Activity
Ghost Song
Project Bliss
Dwarven Delve
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