Episode 69 – Sixty Nine Time

I get it

What a sexy episode we have for you all today. James has been getting it on with Contraption Maker and Divekick while Paul has his way with Mount Your Friends. Ben gets sick of sex jokes.  There are some fantastic crowd funding projects we chat about the 2DS and games that none of us will ever get to play.

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Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: .Decimal
James: Octopus City Blues
Paul: Death Road to Canada

Show notes after the jump.


Killer Instinct Season 2
Elder Scrolls Online on XBone: Will you need gold?
The unsuccessful golden axe pitch
Female characters banned from Iranian LOL tournament
Current game funding is weird
Atlus to publish new Tex Murphy game.
Dark Souls 2 Beta coming
The Walking Dead coming to OUYA
Windwaker HD launched 2 weeks early on digital
Battlefield 4 also makes compromises on next gen consoles
Team Fortress is 17 years old
PS4 and Vita feature Cross Platform Chat
Warface coming to 360
No price cut for Wii-U in Aus
Double Fine working on PS4 playroom
100 games greenlit
Saints Row IV sells over a million in first week
Gun Monkeys’ free steam keys
Crowd Funding
Neverending Nightmares   
Hot Tin Roof
Octopus City Blues
Death Road to Canada
Mysterious Cities of Gold
The Attack Pack
Quantum Rush
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