Episode 71 – If you want to talk about VitaTV and Ubisoft turn to Episode 71

Every choice is great!

What happened this week!? The VitaTV comes out of nowhere, Ubisoft reveals a bunch of amazing looking games, there are quality crowd sourced games everywhere, minecraft clones excel beyond simple comparisons, heaps of kickstarted projects were released. James played Godus and Paul went camping all while Ben is still on the first boss of Diablo 3.  How do we fit it all in? We just talk for longer.

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: River City Ransom
James: The Fall
Paul:  Hyper Light Drifter

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Show notes after the jump.

Game Watch
Space Engineers
Blue Estate
Eden Star
Child of Light
EndWar Online
Valiant Hearts
Rayman Fiesta Run
Steam Family Sharing
PS4 launches on Feb 22 in Japan
Homeworld Shipbreakers no longer F2p
Fable Anniversary delayed
Mighty No9 adds PS4 and Xbone support
This is happening in the SoulCalibur universe
New Riddick probably coming
Preorder COD:Ghosts for a discount on Eminem’s new album
Infinity Blade III is coming soon
MS now owns Xbone.com
Paypal promises to sort out its shit regarding crowdfunding account locks
3DRealms drops lawsuit against Gearbox
FFXIV PS4 beta available at console launch
Star Citizen adds First Person Combat
Crowd Funding
The Fall
River City Ransom: Underground
Dr Radio’s Immersive World
Stem System
Hyper Light Drifter
Project Monolith
Bonus: Taxi Journey is back
Non game: Indie Statik
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