Episode 75 – Link Exposed

I've found the missing Link!

We get down with Teleglitch, play some Wind Waker HD, question David Cage’s choice regarding Ellen Page’s private areas and get down with the most unbelievable Kickstarter Pitch we’ve ever seen.

Crowd Funding Picks
James and Ben: Air Dash Online
Paul: Beyond Eyes

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Show notes after the jump.

Game Watch
The Old Republic: Conflict Rising
SOMA Teaser 1SOMA Teaser 2Gameplay Reveal
Square Enix gets on board with Crowd Funding
The curious case of 1953: KGB Unleashed
Steam controller show off
State of Decay sells a million
James Pond Kickstarter cancelled
Rockstar’s GTA Online Stimulus Package
Steam Machines to also feature AMD hardware
Multiplayer comes to XCOM on iOS
Dark Horse to publish The Witcher comic
Beyond: Two Souls hacked to make Ellen Page porn
Gabriel Knight remake coming
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior Released
Dead Rising 3 denied release in Germany
GTAV now has 7 World Records
Government Shutdown deprives military of Pokemon X and Y release
Get ready for Russia’s state funded patriotic videogames
Deus Ex: Human Revolution offers Directors Cut upgrade for PC
Crowd Funding
Universum: War Front
Max Gentlemen
Beyond Eyes
Legend of the Lancer
Air Dash Online
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