Episode 89 – Broken Wallets


The Kickstarters are returning! See the proud creatures as they roam freely through the open fields of the interwebz. Also we talk about Double Fine’s Broken Age, if game discounting is a good thing and valve did so much this week it gets its own news attack.

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben and James: Wayward Terran Frontier
Paul: Project Rain World

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Show notes after the jump.

Castle doctrine and pricing
Valve VR technology going to Oculus
Steam crosses 75 million users
Steam Controller getting a redesign
Valve wants music and video services for SteamOS launch
Valve content creators shared in $10 million of payments last year
Sim City to offically get offline mode
DayZ stand alone sells over 1 million
Unity 4.3 includes Vita Deployment
Titanfall alpha sign up was open but now it’s closed. Sorry.
Evolve Pre-order bonus because fuck you
Tetris coming to Xbone and PS4!
Octodad: Dadliest Catch out Jan 30
Silicon Knights loses appeal against Epic Games
Tomb Raider becomes profitable!
The Wolf Among us Episode 2 coming first week of Feb
Crowd Sourcin’
Olympia Rising
Dodge Wars: Battle for Mt Olympus
Project Rain World
Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians
Wayward Terran Frontier
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One thought on “Episode 89 – Broken Wallets

  1. McSpiffy says:

    Those are minion sheepies!

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