Episode 91 – The Old Man of the Sea

Nobody suspects a thing

You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out. You put your front left foot in, you put your front left foot out. You put your back right foot in, you put your back right foot out. You do the Octopokey and you turn around. That’s what it’s somewhat about.

We talk Octodad: The Dadliest Catch, Pyro Jump, Nintendo’s new strategy, XBone rumours and much more in today’s episode which also includes an overly aggressive News Attack.

Gwod Funding Picks:
Ben: World War Machine
James: Game of Glens
Paul: Scum Lord

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Show notes after the jump.

Nintendo’s new strategy
Wii-U Virtual Console getting DS games
XBone Rumour Zone
Blizzard makes Arcade free
Steam no offers refunds for pre-orders
Sony’s credit rating ain't so hot
Microsoft buys rights to Gears of War
SOE shuts down four MMOs
Elder Scrolls Online does not require PS+ but will require Gold
Ken Kutaragi to receive lifetime achievement award at GDC
Duke Nukem 3d gets multiplayer update
RUMOUR PS4 to receive PS1 and PS2 emulation
Killzone: Shadow Fall sells over 2.1 million
Sly Cooper movie is happening
Arkham Origins DLC canceled for Wii-U
Next two Games with Gold games revealed
PS+ subscribers triple
Pre Crowd Funding
First 3 Collective Games
Crowd Funding
The Spirit Age
Scum Lord
Crashed Lander
Dark Lands
Avegant Glyph


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