Episode 128 – A Hatred of Bread

Carb loathing

Gosh darn bread! It makes us so mad! This week the wonderful Kim Allom joins us to talk about the controversial Hatred and the equally offensive I am Bread while throwing in the delightful Consensual Torture Simulator for good measure. James and Paul have become hardcore trekkers and play Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator all while Ben continues to fiddle with his digital balls.

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Dog of Dracula 2
Next Week: HRmageddon

Crowd Funding Picks
James: Basement
Kim: Basement
Ben: Red Cobra
Paul: Cole: A Game About Coal

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Show notes after the jump.


I Am Bread


Crowd Funding

Cole: A Game About Coal

Red Cobra



Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Rescue the Prince


Ghosts’n DJs



The Very Organized Thief


Planet Centurai



Her Majesty’s Spiffing (Demo)



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