Episode 142 – Hologram Party

Light has minimal mass. So... kissing?

How can you tell you’re not a hologram RIGHT NOW? We get all up in Microsoft’s VR solution, Evolve, Monster Hunter 4, New 3DS and even so god damn LEGO brand building blocks!

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Minifigures Online
Next Week: Coma

Crowd Funding Picks
Ben: Fantastic Journeys
James: Children of Morta
Paul: Strafe

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Show notes after the jump.

Our glorious new hologram future (Hands on impressions)

Devolver Digital picks up Noct and Ronin

Club Nintendo discontinues

APB Reloaded

Indigo Prophecy Remaster

Dead Rising: Watch Tower

Grow on

Crowd Funding


Starr Mazer

Children of Morta



Project Scissors: Nightcry

Fantastic Journeys

Exploding Kittens

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2 thoughts on “Episode 142 – Hologram Party

  1. Stanny says:

    So here’s my thought process for Sounds a Bit Like. Vohaul makes me think Space Quest. Labion Terror Beast & Gorillas means Space Quest 2. From your hint, this means this is the story he’s telling. Only SQ4 & SQ6 had voice acting. You mention the music, which makes me realize it’s the Space Quest version of Cantina music from the introduction in Space Quest 4. So it’s Roger Wilco in Space Quest 4 talking at the bar about his adventures in Space Quest 2 before he’s chased by the sequel police. On a side note, the “Two Guys from Andromeda” are claiming they are still going to release their Kickstarter Game, SpaceVenture, by the end of this year. Ken Allen who did the music for SQ4 including the Cantina Music from your clip is also doing the music for SpaceVenture. I’m hoping for the best that it’s a good adventure game, but right now I am afraid the only good part might be the music.

    • James Bowling says:

      Boom! Well guessed 😀

      Well done on getting the bonus question too!

      I wasn’t too impressed with the last demo of SpaceVenture, so I sort of stopped paying attention until it comes out. Hopefully it’s good though.

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