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Episode 219 – Lots-o-Games

Another Steam sale means another pile of games to look through. This time Paul needed a spreadsheet to track them. Also the SNES Classic has been revealed and there was a weird Castlevania animated show and SKELLINGTONS!

All this AND MORE™!

Games discussed: Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer, ESO:Morrowind, RE7:VR, Farpoint, GTA5, Death Squared, Valkyrie Drive: Bikkhuni, Yooka-Laylee, The Detail, A Normal lost phone, Masochisia, OVIVO, An Octonaut Odyssey, Airscape, Four Sided Fantasy, Death’s Hangover, Hell Girls, Shrouded in Sanity, Bound, SNES Classic, Pac-Man Vs, Fight Knight, Outreach, Evil Genius 2, Wonderful 101, Splatoon 2, Thief of Thieves, The Tomorrow Children, Warframe, Zero Latency

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Episode 158 – Snowman Abomination


Let’s build snowmen! Actually let’s be more inclusive, snowpersons. We talk Ether One, Nintendo’s E3 plans, the evil plans of Konami, new assassin’s creed, Evoland getting it right, the successor to Castlevania and this week’s snowperson filled game club Lost Constellation!

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Lost Constellation
Next Week: Spooky House of Jump Scares

James Vs Paul snowperson fight!

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My First Castlevania – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Although I love quality videogames regardless of their platform and have never been a biased fanboy, Sega and Sony have dominated the majority of my gaming experiences over the years, my list of owned consoles to date including Sega’s Master System, Mega Drive, Mega-CD and Dreamcast; and Sony’s first three generations of PlayStation. I’ve only briefly dabbled with PC gaming and I never actually owned a Nintendo console until my purchase of a Wii U last year – an admitted oversight for someone who has loved the medium literally for as long as I can remember. (Although I did spend far too large a percentage of my university years playing my housemate’s Nintendo 64, so there’s that).

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Video James – Tetropolis @ GDC2014

James found time in his busy GDC schedule to find an excellent new game. Tetropolis mixes Tetris with metroidvania conventions. Let’s watch!


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