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MOGA Pro Review


Over the last few weeks I’ve had my hands on the MOGA Pro Tablet and let me tell you this thing is a revolution. This small plastic stand collapses into a compact size but when unfolded holds any tablet, phone, cook book or painting canvas with ease. It is solid, hold items at a great viewing angle and had frankly changed my life. 10/10

Everything after the stand is just a bonus

Everything after the stand is just a bonus

Also included in the box is the MOGA Pro Controller. A Bluetooth, twin stick game controller for use with Android based devices.

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Episode 101 – Wonderful Worlds to Explore (You can include ESO if you want)

But you shouldn't

Welcome to Eight and a Half Bit 101. In today’s lesson we will cover James going on about Elder Scrolls Online for some reason, Paul’s history with the Mercenary Kings and Ben’s well documented obsession with Kinect Sports Rivals. We’ve got demos for Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect and Chaos Reborn plus SOE announces a DayZ competitor and we would be amis if we did not also mention the amazing underwater exploration in Subnautica, Smash Bros news, a new Borderlands and a partridge in a pear tree!

Crowd Sourcing Picks
Ben: Pixel Noir
James: Prisonscape
Paul: Outcast Reboot HD

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Show notes after the jump.

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