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MOGA Pro Review


Over the last few weeks I’ve had my hands on the MOGA Pro Tablet and let me tell you this thing is a revolution. This small plastic stand collapses into a compact size but when unfolded holds any tablet, phone, cook book or painting canvas with ease. It is solid, hold items at a great viewing angle and had frankly changed my life. 10/10

Everything after the stand is just a bonus

Everything after the stand is just a bonus

Also included in the box is the MOGA Pro Controller. A Bluetooth, twin stick game controller for use with Android based devices.

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Elevator Pitch – U55: End of the Line

We chat to Malte Boettcher about the upcoming H.P.Lovecraft inspired survival horror game based around the Berlin U55 subway line. With only a phone to guide you what horrors will you uncover? An awesome sounding multiplayer mode for one!


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