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Episode 44 – Attack of the Attacking Attackers

Oh Ricky ooooOOOOoh

So much to talk about! Every subject must be attacked with the ferocity of a starving wolf in a chicken hatchery!  SimCity? ATTACKED! Sexism in videogames? ATTACKED!  Heaps of new games? WE’RE ALL OVER IT! SimCity? ATTACKED A SECOND TIME!  …AND PERHAPS A THIRD!

Can you handle all the aggression?  Will Ben break into an torrent of rage fuelled foul language? You can’t be sure until you listen.

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Show notes after the jump.

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Elevator Pitch – There Came an Echo

Jason Wishnov of Iridium Studios joins us from the Sun to discuss his television career and special relationship with Wil Wheaton.  Also we briefly mention his new voice controlled squad control game ‘There Came an Echo’.

Iridium  Studios

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