Episode 27 – We Heart Urquhart

What a dashing gent

We have an exciting treat for our listeners this episode. Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment joins us to discuss their recently kickstarted Project Eternity plus the state of the industry.  That’s not all however! We also force Ben to play an indie game, play a bunch of Halo 4, discus the trend of custom load outs and attack the news so hard we’ve got a restraining order to ignore.

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Show notes after the jump

News Attack
Wii-U allows 12 users per system. Nintendo does the internet.. right?
EA to add TwitchTV support to Origin
Politician criticised for playing WOW wins her seat
You thought the pendant was a good starting choice in Dark Souls? LOL
Blizzard confirms something everyone already know – It sold a shitload and there is a Diablo 3 expansion
Watch Dogs slated for 2013 release
GTA V – Three protagonists and a whole bunch more awesome
Class action filled against Blizzard regarding security and online authenticator
Play a shitload of Halo 4? Get Microsoft Space Bucks!
Popular live streamer forgets he is live and gets his sexual intercourse on
Angry Birds Star Wars is out
Silicon Knights ordered to recall and destroy all unreal engine games
SmartGlass now out on iOS as well as Android and Microsoft platforms.
False alarm. Feel free to be a sexist dickbag in Halo 4
360 USB storage limit upped to 32GB
Elder Scrolls online details

Elite: Dangerous
Sui Generis
Pier Solar
Ranfall: The Sojurn

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One thought on “Episode 27 – We Heart Urquhart

  1. […] The following is a transcript of our interview with Obsidian CEO, Feargus Urquhart. You can listen to the interview in our weekly podcast available here. […]

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