Episode 42 – Life, The Universe and Playstation 4

Towel reference

The PS4 is fuelled by dreams and magical rainbows. While we may never again be able to play in our grundies again under the watchful eye of Big Console everything is new again and that makes us feel good.  Also if we find time we’ll discuss some other games and our regular rubbish!

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Show notes After the break.

Witcher 3 director: “Skyrim is Generic”Designing the Ice GiantComing to PS4
Bungie say some arrogant shit.  Also show off their new game or whatever
Rayman Legends free challenge mode for Wii-U
StarCraft Universe Beta
Disgaea D2
Next Car Game (some of us might call it Destruction Derby)
Mew Genics
PSVita Price DropNot for America
PS4! PS4! PS4! (Destructoid coverage)
James’ Nightmare is the future
Kinect 2 specs “leak” day before PS4 showing. Playstation 4 Eye Vs Kinect 2
Nextbox to reveal in April?
PS4 Scandal! Sony spells Tameem Antoniades’ name wrong
Watch Dogs PS4 demo running on PC
Watch Dogs officially on the Wii-U
The Witness is only console exclusive, not platform exclusive
Natural Selection 2 Lua IDE now Open Source
Rockband releasing final DLC
Use Wii-U Pro controller with your PC or Mac
Sega Branded Laptops!
Final Fantasy perfume
Ubisoft and EA selling each others games
WiiU sales aren’t so hot
Aaron Paul in the Need For Speed Movie
Legend of Grimrock 2 announced
New Torment gets a name and website
Wii-U is the best console to play Bit Trip Runner 2 on

Crowd Sourcing
Rogue System
There Came an Echo
Heavy Gear Assault
Back to Bed
Super Ubi Land
Var and the Vikings


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