Weekly Video Roundup 10th of May 2013

Long live the new videos

It hath returned!  Because we’ve hit that problem in the show again when sometimes all we can say about projects is “that looks interesting” and you’d be better off just watching the video.

Videos after the jump.

Teslagrad by Rain Games (PC, ?)

A magnetic, steampunk, platforming adventure!

Assault Android Cactus by Witch Beam (PC, Mac, Linux)

Absolutely frantic looking twin stick robot shooting with up to 4 players.

The Howler by Some people? (PC, iOS, Android)

A howl controlled steam punk ballooning game? Not again!  Apparently it can be played without howling but why would you?

Gun Monkeys by Size Five Games (PC)

Monkeys sent to the future fighting for our present!

Hellraid by Techland (PC, 360, PS3)

Dead Island’s combat with more interesting enemies in a demonic medieval setting

Rymdkapsel by Grapefurkt ( Playstation Mobile, i0s, Android)

Shapes and colours! Strategy in a minimalist form.

The Forest by SKS Games (PC)

It’s like The Descent in a forest. Creepy fps survival horror that touches me oh so nicely.  Oculus rift support?! My trousers are ruined.


You made it to the bottom?  Now vote in our super surprise poll on which game you like the look of most.

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