Episode 53 – I Give it a Year

We did it girls

It’s been one year since our little show started and everyone is celebrating with us! Darkwood launched its indiegogo campaign to honour us, Shadow Warrior is getting a reboot, Sony supporting experimental games and even EA is changing some of its business practices all for us!

Grab the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Show notes after the jump.

First looks/Game Announcements

Shadow Warrior reboot

The Sims 4

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Fables: The Wolf Among us



Doki Doki Universe




EA not supporting Wii-U (source 1) (source 2)

EA no longer licensing guns

EA Strikes deal with Disney for Star Wars games

F2P has doubled TOR’s income

Patrice Desilets fired from Ubisoft

Super Ubi Land changes name

Int Overflow Bug breaks Diablo 3 Economy

OUYA secures 15 million more funding

Sony not planning to take a major loss on PS4 pricing

Timegate lays off entire staff


Crowd Sourcing


Rays the Dead

Moon Rift

Ghost in the machine


Tiny Keep

Energy Hook

Delta Six


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