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Episode 252 – Our prerecorded streaming future

Before the streaming future destroys us all there’s still time to play video games. Such as Baba is You and Hypnospace Outlaw! And whatever James played! Enjoy this podcast exclusive to Epic Games.

All this AND MORE™!

Games discussed: Baba is you, Hypnospace outlaw, Beat Saber, Golf Peaks, Assault Android Cactus, Wargroove, Pixel Ripped 1989, James: Apex Legends Battle Pass, Division 2, RE6, Google Stadia, Halo Master Chief Collection, Castle Crashers, Phoenix Point, Back 4 Blood

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FMVGames – Episode 5 – Assault on Android Cactus

Videotaping this crime spreeJames and Paul go on a crime spree in this very special episode of FMVGames. Can we get an S rank on our mission to extract video game information and opinions from Witch Beam, the talented indie team behind Android Assault Cactus?  We will succeed or kill while trying.

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Episode 70 – Diablo Loves Noodles

He cares not for your politically correct nonsense!

Australia has spoken and they have chosen Diablo 3 on PS3 over the PC version.  Divekick has been elected to the senate along with MGS5 and Whore of the Orient.  The new policies regarding the PS4’s virtual reality solution has yet to be details but it won’t stop the pendant speculate. Speaking of speculating we do some of that!

Crowd Funding Pick: Sunless Sea (three way tie)

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Episode 63 – PAX- travaganza

You should have come!

PAX Australia by all accounts was a massive success that will surely continue to grow and become part of the Australian gaming landscape. James and Paul were there and rant about it ALL EPISODE and Ben has to stop running his mouth off all the time and listen!

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(Real) Elevator Pitch – Assault Android Cactus

The lag in the real world is practically non existent. We use this to our advantage in checking out the excellent looking twin stick shooter Assault Android Cactus. Not to be confused with Assault Cactus Android which I made up.

Announcement Trailer
Home Page

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Weekly Video Roundup 10th of May 2013

Long live the new videos

It hath returned!  Because we’ve hit that problem in the show again when sometimes all we can say about projects is “that looks interesting” and you’d be better off just watching the video.

Videos after the jump.

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