Episode 81 – Tear You a New (Xbox) One

Crafty Little Bugger

To celebrate the release of the Xbox One we let Ben host the show so he can talk about his new purchase. Paul plays Tearaway and stick it to the Man while James spends his time with the new Zelda on the 3DS.

Crowd Funding Picks
Paul: Retroworld
James: Retroworld
Ben: Her Majesty’s SPIFFING

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Show notes after the jump.

Game Watch
High Moon
XBone controller stinks
PS4 sells over a million in 24 hours
Xbox one sells over a million in 24 hours
Telltale rumoured to be working on Game of Thrones
PvZ: Garden Warfare launching in February
Activision removes all references to Crash Bandicoot, license rumoured to be with Sony
SteamWorld Dig World coming to PC Dec 5
Devolver Digital gets on board with Dropsy
EA’s Star Wars deal to last a decade
Valve to reveal its VR solution in January
Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight project ‘Autonomous” is now a Leap game
Star Citizen will never be “dumbed down” for consoles
So Many Me full of American McGee
Dyscourse full of indie devs
Spelunky Daily Challenges now available for PS3/Vita
DOTA2 getting a Stanley Parable Announcer Pack
Carmack officially leaves id
Crowd Funding
Jason the Greek
Mansion Lord
Team Paul Skiing
Her Majesty’s SPIFFING
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