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Episode 180 – Of Mice and Floppy Men

This week Paul takes and old fashioned looksee at the mouse scale adventuring of Ghost of a Tale and the flailing fun of Human: Fall Flat. James fails to find a game of Battleborn instead delving further into the new f2p styled Evolve while Jeremy revisits Final Fantasy 9.

All this AND MORE™!

Picks of the week: Human: Fall Flat (Paul), Moirai(James), Apocalyptic Nightmare Sonic (Jeremy)

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Episode 169 – Return of the King

Hail to the King Baby

King’s Quest is back and it takes the crew on emotional rollercoaster. We also get our first batch of Nindies with the trio of Runbow, Forma.8 and Extreme Exorcism. Dying Light continues an impress trend of post launch support and Zombi-U is coming back to get you!

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Pequod
Next Week: Secret of Qwerty

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Show notes after the jump

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Episode 136 – Way to go Jerry

It's the best we could hope you'd achieve

For a special treat we pushed record on this episode so you could listen to it and share in our musings.  The video game awards brought more than a few surprises as did the Sony Experience. Ben plays Dragon Age: Inquisition, James gets into Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Paul has just been photographing volleyball.

Cheapskate’s Game Club: Wonderputt
Net Week: InkQuest

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Show notes after the jump.

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Interview – Al Lowe and Josh Mandel

Quadruple handsome

Industry legends Al Lowe and Josh Mandel join James and Paul to talk about the future of Larry and their exciting past with Sierra. Strippers, Witchcraft and Bikini Fridays are all included at no additional cost.

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