Episode 56 – Kickstart this! …and that and all of these ones

Be well!

James gets his Fire Emblem on, Paul plays The Swapper and Ben needs to talk more.  There is the amazing Crypt of the NecroDancer to chat about, PS4 remote play, American McGee’s new projects and more crowd funding than you can point a stick at!  That is of course assuming you can’t point at more than 10 things with a stick.  This included a new project from Double Fine, a successor to The Neverhood and a gorgeous trip back to the 1930’s.

Listen to us talk.

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Show notes after the jump.

PS4 game must support remote play
OZombies vs New Alice game
Curiosity Prize too good to be Molyneux
Blizzard’s new MMO project delayed and rebooted
El Shaddai rights sold to original director at new studio
Xbone to be region locked
Microsoft’s deal with AMD to be worth 3 Billion
Rumour: Prey 2 shifts developer. shifts focus
EA discontinues existing online pass requirements
Who will be the new voice of Snake (reveal June 6) Probably this guy
Just Cause 2 mod continues to expand
Mounting evidence that Mirrors Edge 2 exists
Naughty Dog not changing engines for next gen work
Shadow Warrior Free on Steam
XCom Enemy Unknown on iPad has Multiplayer Plans
ET dump site to be excavated for documentary
Crowd funding
Massive Chalice
Combat Cats
Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel
World of Diving
A Hat in Time
Xeno Galaxies
Rehersals and Returns
Call of the Wild
Our Darker Purpose
Town of Salem
Pick of the week
Ben: A Hat in Time
James: Town of Salem
Paul: Fleish & Cherry
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